Wednesday, 5 January 2022

5 Benefits of Abstinence That You Probably Haven't Considered


People abstain from sexual activity for many reasons. Here are some benefits that you may have not considered.

Learn Self Control

More than on a physical level, we battle with self-control when it comes to our emotions.

Practicing abstinence allows us to develop more patience as we are less inhibited to act out in an irrational manner.

Balanced Relationships

Instead of focusing on the sexual aspect of a relationship, we have the time to better cultivate our personal relationships.

There is more thought and a deeper connection with a significant other or friend.

Decreased Health Risks

No sex means less likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s). It also removes the pressure of an unwanted pregnancy.

Studies show that abstaining from sexual activity can also boost your immune system and improve your memory.

Patience for the Right Relationship

There is less worry and stress on jumping into a relationship before you are ready. You take the time to get know and love yourself, and your boundaries. When the right person or relationship comes your way, you can get to know them without any pressure.

Inner Confidence and Peace

Abstinence is more than just a halt on sex, but an emotional and spiritual journey. You can gain peace of mind, joy, and a confidence you may not have had before.


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