Friday 23 November 2018

Friends You Shouldn't Feel Bad About Dumping.

Two women not speaking to each other

Good friends are hard to come by however there are certain types of people that can bring negative energy into your life. Friends should bring out your best qualities and never hold you down. Evaluate your life and determine whether or not your circle of friends are healthy and beneficial for your life. Here are some of the friends you shouldn't feel bad about dumping.

The Thoughtless Friend
A thoughtless friend is always and only worried about themselves. They are always concerned with their interests and what they will ultimately get out of a situation. Thoughtless people never consider how their actions affect the people around them. In most cases, these type of people will always act as if the world is suppose to revolve around them.
We all, throughout our lives, have moments of selfishness but never lose sight of the things that matter the most - your family and friends. Remember thoughtless friends will never be able to truly be there for you when you need them the most.

Debbie Downer
Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy - either way you put it this person is consumed with negativity and doesn't own a pair of positive pants. A Debbie Downer takes pessimism to a new level and will never be able to see the bright side of any situation. Even if a blessing has graced their life, this individual will find a way to find something wrong with it. The word perfect doesn't exist within their life.
We all go through periods where the sun doesn't seem to rise but we must remain optimistic. Positivity can get us through any storm, therefore the company we keep should also be positive.

The Hater
Haters think the world is always against them or they think that everyone is always jealous of them. In order for us to function and get the most out of life, we must work together and love rather than hate - if you have a friend who is a hater, ditch them. No one needs negativity within their life.
Haters believe that everyone wants what they have. However, the reality is that everyone is watching this person because their negative energy is so intense that is draws on-lookers.

The Make Believer
Detox your life by getting rid of the notorious liars in your life. Friends should always tell the truth and respect you enough to be honest. It is stressful to have someone in your life that you have to constantly question. Respect yourself and save the headache of dealing with make believers.
The Instigator
This person tells everyone everything. Instigators like drama and once everything goes down, they pretend to have no hand in it. Save yourself the stress and wrap-up this friendship. We all have enough drama in our life and do not need anything extra to cause turmoil. Unfriend instigators and do not allow yourself to get sucked into their games.

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