Wednesday, 22 June 2022

International Space Station dodges orbital debris from Russian anti-satellite test


A piece of space junk from a Russian anti-satellite weapons test forced the International Space Station to maneuver to avoid the orbital debris on Thursday (June 16). 

Russia's space agency Roscosmos used an uncrewed Progress 81 cargo ship docked at

Wingcopter prepares 12,000 cargo drones for world's largest deployment


German company Wingcopter has signed a deal to roll out 12,000 of its

Simple retina test could accurately distinguish autism from ADHD


Electroretinogram signals have been found that significantly differ between control subjects, ADHD patients and ASD patients, raising the possibility that these conditions and others could be diagnosed using a simple eye test. Deposit photos

Largest python ever found in Florida is 18 feet long and weighs a whopping 200 pounds


Researchers Ian Bartoszek (left), Ian Easterling, and intern Kyle Findley (right) transport a record-breaking female Burmese Python — weighing 215 pounds and measuring 17.7 feet in length — to their lab in Naples, Florida, to be laid out and photographed. (Image credit: Phot ograph by Maggie Steber, National Geographic)

The largest Burmese python ever seen in Florida has been discovered