Tuesday, 20 February 2018

History experts claim Trump is the worst president ever.

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Gun fan destroys AR-15 assault rifle in wake of Florida school shooting .

Watch footage from a 1953 nuclear blast.

6 Fool Proof Ways To Strengthen Your Aura.

Silhouette of woman meditating on beach
The aura is our energy field.  It’s comprised of seven layers of energy.

World-first whale cam reveals secrets of the mysterious minke

Advanced cameras, particularly those attached to drones,

Ambitious plan hatched for supertall wooden skyscraper in Tokyo

New "world's tallest" timber towers sprout up quite regularly nowadays, but

Former Manchester City Coach, Barry Bennell jailed 31 years for sexual assault.

Former?Manchester City Coach, Barry Bennell?jailed 31 years for sexual assault
Former British football trainer Barry Bennell was on Monday sentenced to 31 years in