Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Most powerful solar storm in 6 years caused auroras all over the US. And nobody saw it coming.


Photographer Dakota Snider caught the auroras from his airplane window, while his fellow passengers slept early Friday morning. (Image credit: Dakota Snider)

The strongest solar storm to hit Earth for six years sparked stunning auroras across the U.S.,

China discovers strange glass beads on moon that may contain billions of tons of water


                                   Spherules from an 800,000-year-old meteor impact found in the Transantarctic Mountains. Similar beads on the moon may contain billions of tons of buried water, new research suggests. (Image credit: Van Ginnekan, Genge and Harvey 2018, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta)

Chinese researchers may have discovered billions of tons of water inside strange glass

Thursday, 23 March 2023