Sunday, 6 November 2022

Enormous river discovered beneath Antarctica is nearly 300 miles long


A river system discovered beneath the Antarctic ice sheet drains into the Weddell Sea. (Image credit: C.F. Dow, et al. Nature Geoscience 2022)

A river longer than England's Thames flows beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, draining an area

Study finds blue whales eat some 10 million microplastic particles a day


We know that marine animals of all sizes are inadvertently consuming plastics as

They're serious: XPeng tests two-ton eVTOL flying car prototype


Chinese automaker XPeng has updated the design of its AeroHT flying car – a

SpaceX launches Falcon Heavy Flight 4 - 11-01-2022


One of my favourite pictures of the Royal couple ~ When Prince Philip pranked the Queen.