Saturday, 28 September 2019

Samsung’s $2K Galaxy Fold seems awfully easy to break

A visitor looks at a Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone.
Samsung has three words for owners of its brand-new, $2,000 folding smartphone: Handle with care.
The Galaxy Fold, whose launch was delayed for months after gadget bloggers reported that their review units were malfunctioning, now comes with a list of rules to follow to not break the phone — including not touching it with your fingernail.
“Do not press the screen with a hard or sharp object, such as a pen or fingernail, or apply excessive pressure,” instructions on the $1,980 phone’s packaging advise, according to a reviewer from CNBC.
Samsung also advises, “tap lightly to keep it safe.”
Users are further warned to keep “any objects such as cards, coins, or keys” well away from the screen.
The original problem was that a thin protective layer — meant to keep the phone’s screen together when folded or unfolded — had only gone up to the screen’s edge. That led tech reviewers to peel it off, thinking it was a screen protector.
When the phone is booted up, it shows a warning screen, which informs users of the protective layer in a bold font.
It also reiterates that the phone is not dust or water resistant, and that users should not attach screen protectors to its 7-inch display.
Samsung offers a concierge service to replace the Fold’s screen for $149 if it breaks once.
Any future breaks — or a break once the phone is out of warranty — will cost $600 to repair, according to Samsung.

NY Post 

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