Monday 26 November 2018

The 5 Types of Guardian Spirits Watching Over You.

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When it comes to learning about the spiritual world, things can quickly get confusing. From all the different types of guides that are out there, it can be hard to understand what each spirit does and who is watching over you. How do you communicate with your spirits if you don’t even know who they are?
Spirit are often very eager to let you know they are part of your life and are with you when you least expect it. While many people can feel that someone is watching over them, self-doubt can creep in and many tend to question whether or not what they experienced was real. Spirit will provide us with many signs and will continue to try and get through in the hope that they will be recognized.
Here are some of the different spirits watching over you, so you can learn about what they do and begin to connect with them on a deeper level.

Guardian Angels
Each person has an appointed guardian angel to watch over them. Guardian angels often help us see our life long purpose and interconnectedness to the world. They are highly supportive of anything that activates and lifts our spiritual self. They are the epitome of the 'fairy godmothers' of the spirit world. While they can’t grant every single wish, they are incredibly powerful in their ability to support us. Your guardian angel is always praying for you and working towards creating the best life for you. They will help alert us to upcoming dangers and defend us when presented with evil. With a little practice, it’s easy to connect to your guardian angel through meditation and prayer.

Spirit Guides
Also known as spirit familiars, these are general spirits that have primarily existed on this Earth in physical form, before transitioning to assisting you in the spirit realm. They can classify as any spirit who assists you, and one person can have many different guides that all have different specialties. For example, ascended masters are a type of spirit guide. Ascended masters generally watch over a large group of people, and some examples are Jesus, Mother Mary and Buddha. Generally, spirit guides have a similar purpose to the person on earth that they primarily watch over, so they are connected to your deepest desires. They are able to take the lessons that they once learned on their time on earth to guide you.

Archangels are considered to very powerful spiritual beings. They are of the highest level in celestial hierarchy. These types of spirits generally lead or contain other groups of spirits underneath them. They help to bonding groups of people and their guides towards specific shared goals. They can help large groups of people, whereas guardian angels are specifically supportive of you. They've also been known to take human shape for brief encounters when the time calls for it. Archangels do not demand anything from us, but they do love when we try to make a connection with them. Once you make a connection then you will see even more miracles happening in your daily life.

Deceased Loved Ones
Our deceased loved ones do watch over us from the spirit world. Loved ones that have passed often choose to watch over you and help you from the other side. This is a very common type of spirit guide that most people will have, especially deceased grandparents. They often act as spirit guides on your behalf, though they tend to specialize in the areas in which they were experts in while alive. There are many signs that a loved one is near us, but we often mistake them for being coincidences. Some of these include appearing in dreams, seeing number patterns, weird issues with electricity, or a buzzing in your ear. Spirits love to connect with us if we give them the opportunity.

This is different to deceased loved ones because these are spirits of people from many generations ago that you may have never met. They have, for whatever reason, chosen to watch over their blood line. These spirits help watch over you much like a loved one would. They are a part of a greater team that works together to make sure you are protected and spiritually grounded. They will be able to use many of the same tactics, such as messing with electricity or appearing in dreams, which other spirits use in order to communicate with us. While you might not feel you know them as well as some other spirits of yours, they are still working hard to guide you

There are many other types of spirit guides that each have a different set of skills they can use to help guide and protect us. Take some time to get to know the different spirits that are working on your team. They all have a specific purpose to help us becoming more spiritually healthy, but can’t do so without your desire to let them in. Find which spirits you connect closest with through prayer and meditation.


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