Tuesday 19 September 2023

7 Signs You Are Taking on Too Much ~ Check out these seven signs that you're over doing it and then evaluate your lifestyle.


It can be as small as an endless checklist or as extreme as an anxiety attack - either way, these are signs that you're taking on too much. Still in denial or maybe you're still not sure that you're doing too much? Check out these seven signs that you're over doing it and then evaluate your lifestyle.

The Voice in Your Head

We all have one - that little voice in your head that speaks to us sometimes and tells us how it really is. Whether or not we choose to listen is not the key, but we all know deep down that the voice speaks the truth.

If your inner voice is telling you to slow down - listen!

Breaks No Longer Help

When you're overwhelmed or stressed a good 15-minute-break should help you put things into perspective. It's a designated amount of time to allow your mind to reset and expel any stress you may be induced with.

If 15-minute-breaks are consistently not helping you reset, then you're taking on too much.


Before your day officially begins, you can feel the anxiety building up. It's not healthy to allow stress to embody your existence on a daily basis. Obviously it's absolutely normal to experience periods of stress however, those times should not take over your daily regiment.

Make a list of the priorities in your life and evaluate what is not a necessary to do on your list.

Loss of Sleep

Is it hard for you sleep at night? Or are you in a constant insomnia? If so, the loss of sleep could be associated with your stress levels. Moving about through your day-to-day on a lack of sleep will only make the problem worse.

Try meditation or talk out your issues with the source. If you're having stress related anxieties associated with work, then discuss these issues with your boss. If you're taking on too much as a parent, then speak with a family member or close friend and ask for some assistance.

Your Friends and Family Voice Concern

Your inner circle knows you the best. If your friends and family voice concern about your well-being, it's safe to say that they may see something that you're not able to admit.

Take the opinion of your family seriously and allow them to help you when needed. It's impossible for you to attain everything and if your family speaks out - listen!

Mistakes and Forgetfulness

Everyone is human but if you are consistently forgetting appointments, meetings and making careless errors - there is a possibility that you're overwhelmed.

Try to unload the frivolous to-do's that are not a priority or make lists to help you stay on point. It's completely normal to experience periods of forgetfulness, but taking on too much can be the culprit as well.

Physical Issues

Back pain, migraines, hives - those are just some of the physical ailments that can be caused by stress.

Seek out medical assistance, if you're experiencing any health issues. Your doctor will help you alter your daily regiment to assist with your stress levels. However, it is a good idea to evaluate your nutritional diet, your daily routine and other items that can be associated with stress overload.

Angela Guzman is a contributor for Thrive Global  and also a regular contributor for Beliefnet. She is a lover of words and a media enthusiast. When she's not writing, she enjoys long walks at Target,  iced coffee and naps. 

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