Saturday 6 August 2022

Africa's own electric motorcycle, the $1,500 Roam Air


The Roam Air is cheap, lightweight, practically focused, and capable of riding up to 180 km (111 miles) on a pair of removable batteries. It's been designed, developed and built in Kenya, to suit the needs of African riders in rural and urban areas.

African residents bought 3.5 million new motorcycles in 2016, a figure that's expected to top 10 million a year in the early 2030s. As in many developing areas with inadequate public transport, cheap, hardy bikes have become indispensable as commuter transport, delivery vehicles and moto taxis.

Nairobi-based Roam, which also makes electric buses, electro-conversion 4X4s and commercial and residential solar systems, has thus presented the home-grown Air, purpose-built for the task and the conditions. It's a simple machine, with a lightweight metal cradle frame, offroad-capable wheels, cheap 'n' cheerful dual-shock suspension, easy ergonomics, a bench seat for two and a tough-looking rear luggage rack.

Simple LCD dash

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