Monday 7 June 2021

'Can't you just put it in the boot?': Police are mocked for using flatbed lorry to take away a SCOOTER!


Police have been mocked online for using a flatbed

lorry to take away a confiscated electric scooter. 

West Mercia Police released a picture of the scooter on the back of a 7.5 tonne recovery truck after they seized it in Hereford yesterday.

Officers warned scooters are illegal to use on the road or in public places in the area because they do not meet safety regulations.

They seized the scooter after spotting someone riding it on a road in the town. 

But baffled Facebook users questioned why officers didn't simply put the scooter — which weighed less than seven stone 100lbs (45kg) — in the back of a police car. 

Antony Price said: 'Couldn't you guys have just put the thing in a patrol cars boot? That towing truck seems like a massive waste of resource for such a tiny thing.'

David Stokes said: 'Couldn't they have just put it in the back of a car instead of wasting money paying for an expensive recovery vehicle to take it away.

'Causing more unnecessary pollution and congestion on Herefords busy streets.' 

Nicky Martinez said: 'Do you really want congratulating on what looks like a complete waste of money to bring a tow truck to seize a flipping scooter.'

Yvonne Hart said: 'I wonder if they could have found a bigger town truck for that scooter!!!! That would have fitted into the boot of a police car surely.'

Steve Earl said: 'What a waste of taxpayers' money. If that was a private company someone would be sacked. Fold it up and put it in a car.'

Lee Ogleby said: 'Should have got a bigger truck don't think that ones big enough.'

Police said they seized the vehicle after the user was spotted riding it on public roads.

Writing on Facebook, West Mercia Police said: 'E-Scooter seized today in Hereford.

'Please ensure you know the a motor vehicle, they must comply with various pieces of Road Traffic Legislation.

'You can't register and tax them because they don't meet the safety regulations required, so the result is that you simply are not allowed to use them on roads, pavements, or other public places.

'If you do use an E-Scooter in those places you could face prosecution.

'Even if you are given a fixed penalty ticket, riding without insurance attracts a £300 fine and 6 points on your driving licence.

'If you don't have a licence, the points would be on it when you apply for one.' 

Culled from the Daily Mail

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