Thursday 18 July 2019

8 Ways to Simple Living

Get Organized

Simplifying your life can help your stress levels and overall attitude. On a daily basis there are so many things that end up on our to-do lists. If you're able to cut the anxiety that comes along with those tasks, then you'll be on your way to living simple. Who doesn't want to accomplish more with less stress - check out how.

Develop a Routine
Schedule a routine and you'll thrive on it. Set a day or time aside to go grocery shopping, clean, run errands or anything else that you do on a day-to-day basis. Routines will help you stay in check and balanced.

Be Organized
Getting organized may take some long hard hours but once you're organized it's relatively easy to stay organized. If everything has a place then you will be able to find things quickly and have less clutter in your life.

Prayer Walking
Walking is a great way to get exercise and clear your mind - next time you're taking a stroll pray. Pray for your neighbours, your friends, family and the world around you. Prayer walking is a simple way to release stress and connect with God.

Enjoy Family and Friends
Spending time with friends and family is very important. Strong connections are important in life because your family and friends will provide you with a strong foundation to build your life on.

Stuff is Just Stuff
Don't be materialistic! Remember that stuff is exactly that - stuff! You may not have the great big house, the designer bag or the fancy car; however if you have family and friends you'll be fine.

Appreciate Nature
Nature is something that we take for granted, yet it can provide happiness and comfort that will warm your soul. Whether it be a sunny sky, birds chirping or beautiful flowers - simple things in life can bring hope and a smile upon your face.

Just Say It
Speak your mind as much as possible. Do not hold in your opinions and emotions because it will cause you to feel overwhelmed and depressed. Keep it simple and say what you feel.

Don't Be Negative
Positivity can go a long way and set the tone for the other aspects in your life. Negativity can act as a plague in your life and take over. Avoid being negative and maintain your hope.


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