Thursday 18 April 2019

T2 Trainspotting actor Bradley Welsh, 42, shot dead in Edinburgh

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Actor Bradley Welsh, who starred in T2 Trainspotting, has been killed in a shooting in Edinburgh. The 42-year-old was found dead on the street near his home in the West End area at around 8pm on Wednesday with reports suggesting he was shot in the head. Armed police responded to calls of a disturbance on Chester Street where they found a seriously injured man, who later died at the scene. The man is understood to have been Welsh.

A statement from police said his death was being treated as ‘suspicious’ and inquiries would continue. Boxer Welsh starred alongside Ewan McGregor as gangster Doyle in the 2017 sequel to cult classic Trainspotting. He landed the part as a good friend of Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, who wrote the part of a hardman boxer into the script. Welsh then auditioned for Danny Boyle in Bathgate after giving the pair a tour of Edinburgh to help choose some filming locations for T2. Welsh was a former British ABA Lightweight boxing champion, with over 100 knockouts to his name. He went on to run the Holyrood Boxing Gym in Edinburgh, where he was considered an ‘influential’ figure.
Welsh once starred in Season 1 of Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men in December 2008 and The Real Football Factories in 2006, on which he was characterised as a ‘football hooligan’. In the show, it’s claimed that Welsh was ‘Britain’s youngest criminal mastermind’ at 17 and ‘ran the streets’ of Edinburgh. Welsh previously served time for extortion and firearms but moved into charity work, helping young people stay out of trouble.


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