Saturday 1 December 2018

6 Signs Loved Ones Send From Beyond .

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When someone passes on, we feel a tremendous amount of loss and grief. Many
people find comfort in knowing their loved one is up in Heaven, and that their loved ones are sometimes able to send messages and signs that they are still around us. The energy of the person who has passed on can still come into our reality and speak to us. In fact, it’s incredibly common for these signs to happen.
Our loved ones love to send us signs along our path, and can put signs into another’s path as a way to communicate with us as well. We just have to make sure to pay attention to our surroundings or these signs can easily be missed. These direct methods of communication can occur anywhere and at any time. They can be received when you are fully awake, or in a twilight state of dreaming.
Here are six signs that your deceased loved one may be using to try and connect with you.

Have you ever smelled something and there was nothing there to provide the scent? This might be an indication that a loved one is near. Some of the most common spirit scents include cigar or cigarette smoke, perfume, mothballs, flowers, laundry detergent and cooking items. The scents are usually tied to the person in some way, and can trigger your memory of them to help validate who is around. If you start to smell your grandma’s spaghetti sauce, it will often trigger a time when you were in her home, how you felt, and how she made you feel, etc. which would awaken your ability to find other connections and signs from her as well. There can be no denying it when others in the room smell the scent, too.

Spirit Lights
One of the more interesting ways that spirits can show themselves to us is through what some call spirit lights. Others may describe them as spirit glitter, orbs, bubbles or sparkles. Whatever you call them, these lights can be the energy of your loved one. We all have the ability to experience spirits lights but kids most often see the phenomena. Babies will grasp at the air and giggle at the light, even if no one else can see anything. While you can see these with the naked eye, many are also caught on camera. Orbs in photos are a common occurrence because energy can easily show up in photographs.

Number patterns have a deep meaning and our loved ones on the other side can show us different sequences in order to give us a message. The numbers typically have some sort of significance, such as a birthdate, house number, anniversary date, high school baseball number, and so on. The number sequences can appear anywhere and everywhere, such as clocks, phone numbers, license plates and more.
All numbers have different meanings. For example, a sequence of 1 means that your loved ones are sharing a message that you are about to embark on a new beginning, while a sequence of 2 means that your loved one is trying to say “I love you.” If you see your birth date, the other side is celebrating you and reminding you that you have a purpose in life. If you see a sequence of several numbers, you will want to add them up until you get a single digit. This can then tell you what the message is trying to say.

While there isn’t a mail service between earth and the beyond, our loved ones can surprise us with notes from the other side. People have found everything from love letters to notes just saying a quick hello. You might find a forgotten note stuck in a book or placed in one of your loved one’s old belongings, thought to have never been seen again. You might get letters you never even knew about, like a postcard from a lost love that shows up decades later, suspected to have lost at the post office forever. No matter how the note shows up, it’s always at the right time and the right place.

Electronics are extremely easy for loved ones from beyond to manipulate and let you know they are around. Some ways they can utilize electronics includes: street lights turning on and off, alarm clocks going off at random times, doorbells ringing with no one around, televisions and radios changing or being turned off, and computers malfunctioning. While our first instinct is to brush off these incidents as electronic failure, if they continue to happen open your mind to the possibility that a loved one is trying to get your attention. Go with your gut and listen to your instinct when faced with these possibilities.

Phone Calls 
Often times, people report getting calls from the other side and suspect it’s a sign from a deceased loved one. The call will usually come through normally, but when answered there is a bad connection or complete static. If there is a voice, it might be recognizable but is it usually very faint. The call never lasts long, only enough time for the message to try and get through. Most experience this phenomenon in the immediate days after someone’s passing, and is typically a farewell. In addition, they can happen on meaningful days such as Christmas or a birthday. They will occur on landlines and cell phones just the same. In addition, the number the call is coming from is usually unrecognisable or blocked.

While we shouldn’t assume that everything that happens is a sign, we should be keeping our minds and eyes open for their possibility. When you spot a possible sign, thank your loved one and remind them that you love them. This will help them feel cared for, and they will be more likely to continue sending you signs. They remain the same people after they have passed, and their love for us is as intense as it ever was. So keep your eyes and heart open for their presence.


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