Thursday 29 November 2018

The MoovyGo Makes Wires, Chargers, and Hubs Go Extinct.


The likelihood of you forgetting your charger, your data-cable, your power-bank, or your USB drive is much lesser if they are all one single device, right? The hockey puck-shaped MoovyGo wants to be the be-all-end-all of smart-device accessories. Its brain-numbing 8-in-1 design allows it to function as a power bank, a wireless charger, a USB Hub, an HDMI Connector, and even a card-reader!

Quite literally designed to be the most essential accessory to your phone, laptop, and tablet, the MoovyGo works as a single solution to your charging needs, allowing you to plug all your devices into one single power-source. The tech built within the MoovyGo establishes the power requirements of each device, so your laptop gets its appropriate amount of power, while the power supply to your phone, tablet, and DSLR are all calibrated to their specifications. It also houses within it a power-bank, allowing you to charge your portable devices on the go, and even houses a 7.5W Qi wireless fast-charger on its upper surface, allowing you to quickly juice your smartphone, wearable, or your wireless earphones when the going gets tough.
The MoovyGo doesn’t just serve as a charging hub. It branches out into data-transfer too. With multiple USB slots and even a card-reader, you can access, store, and transfer data between machines and devices, all using one singular solution. Media-sharing becomes even easier with a companion mobile app that lets you access files through the hub, or even store downloaded files directly to an SD Card or thumb drive in the hub, giving you an unchained cross-platform data sharing device, so you don’t need to shell out cash for an expensive cloud-storage service, or sit and manually transfer documents between 3-4 devices. If it’s connected to the MoovyGo, it’s available everywhere. An HDMI 4K output also lets you connect your devices to a UHD 4K monitor through the MoovyGo, letting you expand your tablet or laptop screen to a high-definition display without worrying about having the right adapter cables. You can either beam your work to the 4K monitor, or use the mobile app to play back movies directly from your USB device or SD card.
Aside from its obvious convenience, the MoovyGo also means you don’t need to separately own a wireless charger, a power-bank, a card-reader, or a USB Hub. As gadgets become more and more expensive, their peripherals do too, so owning one do-it-all device can often mean saving upwards of $200-300. Its portability also means you’ve got all your peripherals with you wherever you’re headed. At just 95mm wide, the MoovyGo fits in the palm of your hand and slides easily into any laptop bag. It saves you the time and space of having to carry hubs, card readers, and a wide variety of chargers, and even goes the extra mile to let you plug all your devices into a single power socket… and if that wasn’t enough, it lets you share data between different devices and ecosystems with the ease of a simple drag and drop. It’s quite literally a Christmas miracle!
Designers: Julien Long & Bruno Lin

 Buy Now: $68 $149 (53% off)

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