Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Today In History: The September 11 Attacks

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On September 11 2001, terrorists launched multiple attacks on the United States, the likes of which had not been seen before then.
The terrorist group Al Queda hijacked four aeroplanes and crashed them in different parts of the country in a coordinated series of attacks.
An American Airlines plane was hijacked and crashed into one of the towers at the World Trade Center. As the world stood by in shock and looked at the horrifying sight; a second plane, United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the second tower. Both buildings collapsed within hours. 2600 people died in the building, including the 175 people aboard the two aeroplanes.

About the same time, another American Airlines Boeing 757 was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon, America’s military headquarters. The impact destroyed one wing of the building. A fourth aeroplane suspected to be heading to the White House or the Capitol- crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

Following the events of the day that took the life of close to 3,000 people; the US-led War on terror began, leading to the ousting of Sadaam Hussein in Iraq and US decade-long occupation of Afghanistan. The mastermind of 9/11 attacks Osama bin Laden was eventually killed on May 2 2011.

The 9/11 attacks have been estimated to cost more than $10 billion in damage as well as illnesses to thousands of people in the years after the incident.
A new building, One World Trade Centre was constructed at the site of the twin towers. It cost $4 billion to build and was opened in 2014.

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