Friday 18 May 2018

5 Ways Christians Must Handle Confrontation.

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In Nelson Searcy’s book Tongue Pierced, he warns Christians to choose
their words wisely as these are the governing forces of life. Here he offers some tips on how Christians should resolve conflict.

Follow God’s Lead
Make sure God is leading you to initiate the encounter. One of the best ways to discern God’s leading is to detect your excitement level. If you’re too excited you might be moving in pride. There should be a sense of humility tugging at you along with a healthy sense of dread to confront someone in love.
Request A Private Meeting
In order to be effective and protect the relationship, approach them in private. If done in public the person will more than likely try to save face and become defensive. The Bible says, “If another believer sins against you, go privately and point out the offense,” (Matt.  18:15). Follow these words to maintain your relationship.
Prepare to share your thoughts
Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance moment to moment. Make sure your own feelings are in check so that each word and thought is conveyed in love. You may even want to write it down first and remember to always consider the other person. It’s a tough position to be confronted, so be compassionate.

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