Saturday 15 July 2017

McDonald’s worker caught having a shower in restaurant sink

McDonald's worker caught having a shower in restaurant sink
                                                                  (Picture: Asia Wire)

McDonald’s have been forced to apologise after an employee was caught taking a shower inside a restaurant sink!

An image of the moment was uploaded online after someone spotted the topless man standing inside the sink.
He then started rinsing himself off, leading to serious concerns about restaurant hygiene.
A manager of a McDonald’s restaurant in Taiwan’s western Taichung City has since confirmed that the incident happened at one their restaurant premises.

He, who remained unnamed, said the picture was taken in March during a farewell party held for the staff member, who had to quit to serve his term in the military.
He was covered in cake by his colleagues, the manager added, and he washed it off afterwards.

Management at the Taichung City branch has insisted that it was a ‘one-off incident’, adding that they would enforce stricter monitoring in the future.
A spokesperson for McDonald’s in Taiwan said that the popular chain, which first opened on the island in 1984, ensures the highest hygiene standards in order to provide the best quality food for its clients.
The spokesperson apologised for the incident and promised to improve the quality of staff and management.

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