Thursday 8 July 2021

6 Ways to Change Your World - Change takes courage and thoughtful reflection.


Need a life-transformation? We believe we can hear an "Amen" in

the spirit. Best-selling author and leader of The Potter’s House, a Christian church based in Dallas, Texas is passionate about seeing lives being changed. In fact, he desires that the MegaFest conference will give people the motivation to succeed in life, regardless of where they are on the spiritual and the financial spectrum. God gave us tools to use to create change in our lives. Now, it is up to us to utilize them. Whether you start going to MegaFest, workshops, conferences or learn a new skill set at college, we need become more aware of what God has for us. Here are 6 ways to change your world.

Don't fear the unknown.

You don’t need to let fear or anxiety regarding a change to impact your life. Fear can paralyze you from making progress and from growing. Think of facing fear as an exercise. The more you face it, the more you will become bolder, stronger and can shrug it off. MegaFest features a number inspirational sessions and practical workshops that teach a variety of life skills. "I am hoping that it will impact young people in pursuing other careers that will take them into technology, into the sciences and regenerate ideas. I think it will impact entrepreneurs because African American women are going into business more than any other people in the country." It takes courage to start something new like these women are doing. Don't allow fear to distract you from making a change in your life. 

These women didn't. What are you waiting for?

Learn your business.

No matter what you are looking to accomplish, learn all you can about the industry that you want to be in. Almost no college or university level education can prepare you owning and operating your own enterprise. African American women are launching the own businesses, but they are not staying in business. To reduce these risks, Jakes wants the conference to better equip people with best-practices so their businesses can thrive. In turn, this will help cut down on poverty, violence and crime in local communities. Take time is choosing the right business for you and learn all you can about the risks and acquire the skills that you need to make it a lasting legacy.

Accept setbacks.

Author Carol Roth wrote that success is not always linear and sometimes when we are delayed it can work out for our benefit. She explained: “If your mind knows that’s part of the process and removes the uncertainty around it, it’s easier to embrace.” Tackling this from the angle of acceptance is a plus for someone who feels defeated from a disappointment. Transform the way you handle setbacks. It could be the dawn of something even better. Changing your mindset on success will help because we all face setbacks. Go back to God and ask Him to show His way for your life. Be willing to allow Him to define success for you.

We need to invest in the family unit.

The community is really based on the family. "The leading cause of divorce is financial, so giving people lawful ways to take care of their families, helps them to send their kids to school for an education and helps them stay away from crime," Jakes added. We need to take care of the family and this could be a big change as many of us put ourselves first. Invest time in you family, make education a priority and invest in yourself so you can do better. Maybe you can go back to school or learn a new trade. You can think of change as being good medicine instead of something always negative. Everything that you do will impact your family and ultimately impact the community. "A broken community creates a broken country," he said.

Don't be afraid of change.

Change can help usher in new business associates, friends, hobbies and new ideas. It can come in other forms as well. Let’s just say that you are adapting to a new city or making a decision to go to MegaFest, it may take awhile to feel comfortable, but along the way, you might find your calling or your mate. Be on the lookout for good changes and become more open to the unexpected gems that await you. Jakes offered more sage advice as he once stated that "The dream is free but the journey isn't."

Start dreaming again.

Start dreaming again! This will reinspire you and give you a sense of purpose. Setting goals and having dreams encourages us to keep going when there is nothing left in the tank. "The simplest way to foster hope is to examine the goals that emerge from our desires and ambitions," Stanley J. Gross, Ed.D explained on Psych Central. Taking action will also help you feel more in control over your life and the plan that God has for you. This might be scary to you but dream big. If things don't work out, so what? At least you have hope and at least you will feel energized.

Change is done brick by brick and one step at a time. MegaFest is a tool to help you become the person that God wants you to be. However, unfortunately, we can't always have Jakes or other people cheering us on. Take time today to assess what God is speaking to you. You may feel led to attend a workshop, spend more time with your family or consider going back to school and starting a business. Start setting a plan today to make the changes that could help you live the best life that you can.

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