Wednesday 7 August 2019

6 Life Lessons Hitting Rock Bottom has Taught Me.


What I Learned from the Pit
What can you learn about life in the pit? Believe it or not, the lessons learned from hitting an emotional, or spiritual wall is painstaking. But if you look back, didn’t the situation make you better than you are now? If I can shout “Amen,” so can you with these six lessons.

Kick it Back
Life will kick you, so kick it back. Lesson I learned was accepting that many times you can’t rely on people to lift you out of despair or a garbage situation, you need to help yourself.

Who are Your Pals?
You will learn who your pals are during time at the bottom. Find the friends that have always stuck around, and start cutting people off who never seem to make time.

Get Things in Order
I learned to get things in order and organized. This can be your house, bills, priories, and un-cluttering your environment.

Renew Your Passion
Take time to reexamine what you want, or what your passion is. Write it down, and keep the goals simple. Simplicity is one of the best antidotes after receiving a punch, from life. Following this will help get back your footing.

Bigger Picture
There always a bigger picture, and when the trial ends, and it will, make you not only stronger, but bolder.

The next time you go through something hard again, you won’t let it devastate you. You will have the ability, even if hit, to move forward--even if it is a crawl, or a slow walk. Share with me your tips on how you overcame, and dealt with hitting your rock bottom.


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