Wednesday 12 June 2019

7 Ways to Fit More Quiet into Your Life.


You know that quiet is an important part of life. It helps you find your centre, strengthen your spirituality, and reduce harmful stress. But in a busy life, how do you find the time and opportunity to be still? Here are five ways to fit more quiet into your life:
Take the Quiet Road: You don’t need a retreat house to find stillness. In an elevator, shopping line, or even a busy office, breathe deeply and tune out the noise around you, even for a few moments. Let this respite revive you.

Set Your Alarm Clock Earlier: Awaken five minutes earlier than usual and lie quietly in the calm before morning’s rituals take over. Listen to your heartbeat and the gentle lull of coming awake.

Carry a Journal: A personal log is a wonderful place to express yourself – and find quiet during an otherwise challenging life. Carry your journal with you and sneak a peek at it now and then, to revisit your thoughts and allow for moments of reflection.
Picture Your Place: We all have a favourite place, one where we can relax and let the world whirl around us. Take time to close your eyes and picture your place, your haven, and go there in spirit to find stillness.
Schedule Silence: If you think your daily duties don’t allow for quiet time, make an effort to schedule your moments of silence, as you would any meeting, chore, or appointment. Don’t feel guilty making this allowance for yourself- as your day unfolds, you will benefit greatly from these precious moments – and so will those around you!
Honour Others’ Quiet : Sometimes we are so focused on our own needs that we forget those of others, especially when it comes to quiet. By allowing those around us to benefit from their own moments of silence, we reinforce quiet’s importance in our lives and will be more likely to nurture it throughout the hours of our days.

Pray by Listening: It’s almost impossible to make noise when we try to listen. In prayer, try to squelch the tendency to speak and make your ears and heart hungry for what God has to say. In this way, you will find wisdom, patience, and blessed stillness.


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