Wednesday 9 January 2019

Paris' first nudist restaurant is officially closing its doors

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Having severely overestimated consumer desire to have strangers watch them eat in the buff, Paris’ first nudist cafĂ© will soon be closing down.
Mike and Stephane Saada, the owners of the evocatively titled “O’naturel”, said they would be closing up shop this coming February, citing a surprising lack of people interested in watching naked strangers feed themselves.

'We will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments,' the restaurateurs said.

The pair had gambled on the fact that Paris is a global tourist destination for nudists, although the 42-year-old twins prefer to keep their clothes on themselves. As the city of lights boasts a number of top-end no-clothes-necessary beach resort sites for summer vacationers, the owners felt they would be able to offer a year-round option for those ready to take the lifestyle to the next level… because the only thing more appealing than combining naked human flesh with ingesting food is combining it with freezing cold temperatures.

Dinners disrobed in a cloakroom after entering, and were given nothing more than a pair of slippers to wear to the dinner table. A massive white curtain remained drawn over the front window in order to ensure the diners' privacy, at least among those not exposed themselves.
For hygiene’s sake, the chairs were all equipped with black covers which were changed after every use.

There are naturally other factors at play in the restaurant closing aside from a shy customer base, one obvious example being the $60-per-person price tag for the restaurant's upper-scale meals, including lobster and snails.

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