Friday 2 November 2018

Two wounded in knife attack at Sony headquarters in London

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A bloody knife attack inside Sony Music’s headquarters in London on Friday left two kitchen workers injured and sent panicked workers fleeing for their lives before police made an arrest, according to reports.
The Metropolitan Police said they were called to the building at Derry Street in Kensington — where Simon Cowell’s company SyCo Entertainment is based – at about 11 a.m. local time.
The building was evacuated during the incident, which was not being treated as terrorism.
“Officers, including firearms officers, and London Ambulance Service are in attendance,” police said. “Evacuations are in place as precaution. Two people have suffered stab injuries – we await an update on their condition.”
The incident was sparked by a fight between two kitchen workers in the canteen, a source told The Sun.
“We just heard screaming and running and people slamming doors,” a worker told the paper, adding that the men — who work for contracted caterers — were “running round chasing each other” and “slashing each other up.”
A witness told the Evening Standard that the two combatants were in uniform.
“There was a lot of shouting and commotion. It looked like they were having a fight,” the witness said. “One had fallen over and was on his back and the other was standing over him. I thought he was raining punches down, but then I saw the knife.
“It was about six or seven inches long, and he was standing over him trying to get him, stabbing downwards as the other man put his arms up to defend himself.
“He was going nuts. There was a lot of shouting,” the witness added.
Cowell is not believed to have been in the building at the time of the incident, The Sun reported.
“We are safe,” a source close to the music mogul told the news outlet.
A witness said the victim manage to block several of the blows before being wounded in the thigh, the Independent reported.
“Staff were standing around shouting and trying to intervene but obviously they didn’t want to get in the way,” he added. “There was a lot of blood, it was splattered all over the floor.”
The man said co-workers tried to calm down the attacker, who also appeared to be bleeding, while other staffers wrapped a tea towel to the other man’s leg.
Minutes later, cops arrived and started evacuating the building.
The London Ambulance Service said the two wounded men were taken to hospitals.
It was not immediately clear whether both men had been armed, or whether the alleged attacker was injured by his own knife as the other man tried to defend himself.
The witness said the incident appeared to stem from “two guys having a falling-out – unfortunately in a kitchen where there were knives.”
“It was surreal,” he told The Independent.
“At this time we believe two people are injured,” police said, according to The Guardian. “One person, who is believed to be behind the incident, has been arrested and at this stage we are not at this stage looking for anyone else.”
Trish Ellis, a worker at The Mail on Sunday newspaper who witnessed the incident, told the Press Association news agency: “Armed police were going in six-plus at a time, and more and more of them but they seemed to be keeping people in the building.
“Gradually they started to release people in tens, twenties,” she said.

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