Friday, 3 August 2018

Apple makes history as first trillion dollar company.

Apple makes history as first trillion dollar company

U.S. Tech giant Apple Inc has made world history as the first private company in the world to record a market valuation of $1 trillion and even surpass the milestone.
PetroChina owned by the Chinese government briefly broke the $1 trillion barrier in 2007 during its initial public offering, but has since dropped back down.

Apple attained its unprecedented feat Thursday following its latest surge after reporting strong quarterly earnings.
Shares of Apple briefly hit $207.05 in late-morning trading, before retreating somewhat. The gains came after the iPhone maker reported strong earnings late Tuesday that prompted a two-day rally in the share price.
Apple said it currently has 4.83 billion shares outstanding.
The landmark is the latest victory for Apple chief executive Tim Cook, who faced skepticism when he took reins of the iconic technology giant in 2011.

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