Saturday 16 June 2018

Fully-functioning Dick Tracy wristwatch radio is on the way

Of all the pieces of pop culture "spy gear" that have been dreamed up over the years, one of the most iconic is the 2-way wristwatch radio used by comic-strip detective Dick Tracy. Well, if a just-launched Indiegogo campaign is successful, you'll soon be able to get one that actually makes calls.
Officially licensed by Tribune Content Agency (which owns the rights to the comic), the Dick Tracy watch was created by Connecticut-based brothers Nick and Charlie Mathis. Just to make things a little confusing, they also introduced a Dick Tracy watch in 2016 – although it functioned solely as a timepiece.
By contrast, along with a quartz watch, the new model also has an integrated Bluetooth module, mic and speaker, which allow the user to place and receive calls on a paired smartphone. One USB-charge of its lithium-ion battery should reportedly be good for a full day of use.

The Dick Tracy watch features a stainless steel body

Some of its other features include a stainless steel body, sapphire crystal, brass mesh speakerphone grill, and an oil-tanned leather strap. It also has three multifunction buttons for controlling things like the phone's voice assistant and calling volume, plus there are red and blue LEDs mounted beneath the mesh, which indicate charging levels and incoming calls.
And no, the brothers aren't going to be making the watches themselves – manufacturing will be handled by China's Longio Watch Company.
If you're interested in getting one, you'd better be quick, as only 1,000 are being made. You can do so for a pledge of US$324, with delivery estimated for December if everything works out.

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