Saturday 26 May 2018

How to Get a Whole Brain Workout

Just like with physical fitness, it’s important to give your brain a balanced workout. There is no single recommendation for exercising your brain to keep it healthy. “What you want to do is challenge your brain in different ways so you’re using different kinds of brain functions,” explains Baycrest cognitive rehabilitation scientist, Dr. Nicole Anderson.
If you want to get into good physical shape, you wouldn’t just lift a dumbbell with one arm, she says. Likewise with cognitive activity, if you’re only doing crossword puzzles, you’re only working one part of your brain. Here are examples of exercises for a whole brain workout

Exercise 1
Crossword puzzles
Brain process you’re working:
Verbal memory retrieval from factual knowledge

Exercise 2
Activity: Joining a volunteer board or planning a dinner party
Brain process you’re working: Problem-solving (planning and organizing)

Exercise 3
Activity: Interior decorating, reorganizing a room in your house, exploring new areas in the city where you live or travelling to a new city and trying to find your way around
Brain process you’re working: Visual spatial
Find Challenges
“There’s no magic activity,” adds Dr. Anderson. “It’s just daily life. Involve yourself in activities that you’re not already an expert at, that are challenging for you, and that you enjoy.”

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