Saturday 16 December 2017

Book Review: Second-In-Command: The Government Rain Mysteries .


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You have got to be a fighter to rise through the ranks of New Hampton's criminal underworld.

 You must be willing to do the necessary, especially when you have designs on a top spot within the most notorious gang in the city's chequered history. Guy Hagan was not aware of what was required. He will learn and carve out a legacy that others will never forget.
It was not always that way for Guy but nice guys finish last, and he is not planning on finishing last.


The Forgetful Man:


Do you ever feel like someone else? Like you could just focus and change into something new, something different.

New Hampton is full of mystery these days, and the man who is beginning to forget is the epitome of unusual within the cutthroat city. Will the urban jungle swallow him whole or will he remember the truth...

 The Forgetful Man: The Government Rain Mysteries

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