Thursday, 6 July 2017

10 Necessary Happy Habits


Here are sweet happy habits to set you on the right path. By Corine Gatti

Get Going
Start exercising to stay fit. Try 30 minutes of brisk walking during your lunch break to release stress and tone up.
Expand your knowledge by learning something new. Take a yoga class or art class to expand your horizons.
Be Thankful
Being thankful affects your mood along with your body. Studies show people who exercise gratitude can ward off infection better and live longer.

Smiling will put you in a good mood by alerting your brain to be happy. Smiling will also make you look younger and release endorphins!
Connecting with others brings a sense of fulfillment during rough patches and good times. According to a study, 22 percent of people with a strong network of friends lived longer than those without (Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health).
Laughing can help burn calories says a study released by Vanderbilt University in 2005. A belly laugh for 10-15 minutes a day can help burn up to four pounds a year.
Window shopping at the mall not only will keep you happy, but also help walk off the high-calorie caffeinated beverage.
Let Go
Letting go of grudges will help you live a happier life. Name the hurts on a piece of paper and then destroy the list as an act of letting issues or people go.

Rise Early
Getting up early everyday will make you more productive and energized.

Be Honest
Telling the truth can also make you a happier person. When you lie, your stress levels increase.

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