Saturday 28 October 2017

How to be indestructible.

“To possess an undefeated mind,” writes Dr. Alex Lickerman, M.D., author of The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self, “means not just that we rebound quickly from adversity or face it calmly, even confidently, without being pulled down by depression or anxiety,
but also that we get up day after day, week after week, month after month . . . and attack the obstacles in front of us again and again and again until they fall – or we do.”

An undefeated mind isn’t one that never feels discouraged or despairing,” writes Lickerman. “It’s one that continues on in spite of it.” He says that while the ability to control what happens in life may be limited, people do have the capacity to establish a life that surmounts the suffering that life brings

Resilience isn’t something that only a fortunate few are born with, says Lickerman, but rather something that everybody can take action-steps to develop.  Starting with the premise that all problems are solvable, Lickerman cites a number of principles that anyone can use to dramatically increase their inner strength.

Start with the premise that all problems are solvable, writes Lickerman in The Undefeated Mind. "Understand the meaning of victory:  Look into the human desire to be happy, how to obtain benefits from adversity … and why wisdom can bring an end to suffering."

Find Your mission: Identify a personal mission, create a sense of purpose, then commit to that mission.

Accept pain, both physical and emotional. Let Go! Loss can be Inevitable. Find meaning in loss. Exercise self-compassion.

Appreciate the good:  Find and maintain gratitude -- even gratitude for obstacles. Encourage others,   understand them. Helping others is to help yourself.

"Experience the power of encouragement," continues Lickerman in The Undefeated Mind. "Muster your courage against fear, even your fear of death."

Resilience is essential for being able to meet life's challenges, writes Lickerman. “Anyone can increase his or her inner strength.” All of us can be indestructible.

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