Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Giant 13-foot snake gulps down a WHOLE wallaby in 30 minutes!

Python wrestling with a wallaby

This was the incredible scene snapped by a golfer as a python swallowed a wallaby whole.
The snake had managed to snare the marsupial before rolling onto a golf course to devour its prey.
Witnesses said it took 30 minutes for the 13-foot reptile to swallow the animal before it slithered away into nearby brush.
The scrub python was first spotted by golfers at the Far North golf course in Paradise Palms, Cairns, Australia.

Python wrestling with a wallaby

Robert Willemse said he was called over by the group who found it on the fairway of the 17th hole.
He told the Cairns Post: “The python swallowed it and rolled into the creek, then snuck back into the bush. It must have gone for a rest for the next few days.”
He said he had seen snakes in the area before but non 'as big as that'.
Mr Willemse added: “I have a good look when I play a golf ball near the swamp, but I will be thinking about that again, because that is a big beast."

About a year ago, he said a wallaby was spotted with a python attached to its tail.
The course is known to attract a diverse range of wildlife including bandicoots, wild dogs and foxes as well as the snakes and wallabies.

(source The Mirror,UK)

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