Thursday 27 July 2023

Never Break These 3 Rules of Apology


Megan was sick and tired of being stepped on and taken advantage of. And that’s

not all. Every single time her daughter disappointed her, the apology went something like this: “Sorry. I SAID I’m sorry. Isn’t that good enough? What do you want me to do – grovel?”  

Well…yes actually. 

The Golden Rules of Apology

There are three non-negotiable rules to apologizing. Most people break them. But if you’re someone who wants to live in the spirit of love and harmony you’ll want to do apologies right. The first one may be the hardest.

Offer a Sincere Apology

Pride can get in the way of a sincere apology. Admitting you’re wrong isn’t always easy. Sometimes, there are validating little details that defend at least part of your actions. Resist the urge to blame or rationalize. Make your apology pure and sincere.

Show You Mean It

Saying doesn’t make it so. Follow up a verbal apology with action. Is this a simple apology for showing up late at a dinner party? Insist on helping with the dishes. Maybe this is a great big heavy apology. Go deeper. Show you care. Be willing to do something extraordinary to make the wrong right. 

Ask Forgiveness

Apology given. Gesture of reconciliation offered. Think it’s over? Not so fast. Think of the feelings of the person you’ve just wronged. They’re probably carrying a grudge, or worse. They’re hurt and angry. Give the gift of asking them to forgive you. Forgiveness feels good - invite them into the healing process

Holiness of the Heart

Follow the three golden rules of apology and you follow in the footsteps of a God who forgives with a generous heart. Open yours today, let your heart lead with a sincere apology, actions to back it up and a path to two-way reconciliation.

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