Friday 20 January 2023

A Spiritual Way of Managing Your Time


We often forget to look at the spiritual reason, and thus the way to a solution, for

things we consider practical problems. Everything is Spiritual! Recognizing this, makes for faster learning and resolutions. So if you have difficulty managing your time or find that you are always late, know there is a deep reason for this pattern and though prayer and contemplation this reason can be revealed. Here are ways to begin.

Dig Deep

Begin by asking yourself, "Why am I always late?" Don't settle for old excuses like "The traffic was bad" or "I got up late." If  there is a pattern, go deeper. Is there a part of you that enjoys the attention being late earns you? Are you trying to control the situation or meeting, which points to a lack in other areas of your life. Or do you resent having to show up--period? Ask God to reveal to you the real, underlying reason.

Consider the Truth

In the silence--when you are not upset by your day or a particular time-related incident--consider this harsh truth: If you keep someone waiting or hold up a meeting or event, you are not respecting other people's time as much as you respect your own. Even if this is not your intent, this is the truth. You need to treat others as you want to be treated. If you want to be respected, give respect.

Talk to the Spirit

You can't do everything! Are you saying "yes" to more service or work than you can humanly handle? Say No! more often--even to things you think you want to do. And ask why you feel the need to overdo it. You may feel guilty the first time you say "no." Ask Spirit to reveal to you why "yes" is so important in your life. You may find you are trying to fill a void that could never be filled by "doing," but can only be satisfied by "being," 


Prioritize! Some of us think everything we do is important. Look at what's on your schedule. Look at the criteria you use to determine what is important. There are times in life when it's more important to visit a sick friend than attend a board meeting. There are times when an organization that was once valuable in your life, no longer has a purpose. Clean out your schedule like you would a closet, discarding things you've outgrown. Pray for the strength and courage to make right decisions--and prioritize.

Spend Time Alone

Block off some time to spend with yourself. This is essential. The time you spend alone will prepare you to better answer all of the other questions that lead to solutions to your time conflicts. And if you don't see the value in alone time or cheat yourself out of it, either you are forgetting your worth or don't know it, or you are putting everyone else first. At any rate, your most fervent prayer should be, "God, show me my own worth and how to manifest a life that values my time on this earth."

By Patrice Gaines is an author, motivational speaker, spiritual counselor and intuitive. Please visit her on the web at, on YouTube at TheLightChanneler or on Twitter,
which is where God and prayer come in.

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