Thursday 24 March 2022

7 Ways to Plant Seeds of Greatness in Your Life


By Corine Gatti

Visit ways to plant seeds of greatness into your life.

Positive Words

Speak positive words over your life and others.


A gratitude list. Make a list to remind you of what to be thankful for. It will get your mind of yourself.


Read other success stories to help boost your confidence.


Forgive others. Living with bitterness will destroy your happiness and it does not impact your enemy. It is a big waste of time!


Love yourself, even when you fail.


Giving is not only a deposit into someone else’s life, but yours as well.


Avoid the trap of comparison. Ask God for wisdom to resist these traps. Find a scripture to help combat these moments of weakness. When you resist these nagging thoughts, you will gain a victory and a positive seed will be deposited into this area.

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