Thursday 4 November 2021

Seven Ways to Deal with Burnout ~ You’re stressed, exhausted, overworked, and too tired to care. You’re burned out. Here are a few ways to get back on track.

So you’re hitting a wall in life. You’re stressed, exhausted, overworked, and too tired to care. You’re burned out. Here are a few ways to get back on track.

Get Some Rest

It’s long past due for you to be in bed. You’re up because you have so many things racing through your mind, you can’t close your eyes long enough to feel sleep cover your face. Tomorrow will take care of itself, as they say. A lack of Zzzz’s may be what’s adding to the burnout. No sleep, no energy, no focus. Let everything go and until then, get some shuteye.

Time for a Vacation

Set a date. Pick a location. Don’t worry about work or about things you have to do at home. For a week or however long your vacay is, it’s not your problem. Taking some time away from everything will allow for replenishment, fun, and new experiences.


Find something that gives you the giggles. Whether it’s your favorite comedy or just spending time with the person that makes you laugh the most, laughing really is the best medicine. You’ll feel good, you’ll feel lighter, and during those few seconds of laughter, you will reap long-lasting benefits.


Sweat out your feelings of crappiness and burn some calories. Go for a run or play basketball. If your burnout is too severe, take up a yoga class or go walking; anything to get the body moving. You can also meditate for a few minutes each day.

Spend Time with Others

You may want to be left alone, uninterested in seeing anyone, let alone holding a conversation. But try. Be around people that can help lift your spirits. Talk to them about how you’re feeling. Ask for assistance. And if you don’t reach out, a family member or close friend sure will; because they care.

No Technology

Log off. Instead of answering emails or staring at your phone every time it vibrates, shut everything down. It’s good to disengage from your ringtone and Twitter every once in a while. Now is that time.

If someone calls about work or they need you to do something (to add to your already overwhelming list of things to do), you won’t hear it. Your phone, computer, and tablet will all be silenced until further notice.

Be Present

Awareness helps you to see the signs of burnout before it starts to overtake and deplete your life. Instead of worrying about what’s to come and what you have to do, focus on what you can do at the moment. Being present helps to see what’s in front of you, and see what needs aren’t being met and what can be done about it at this point in time.

And since burnout is stress accumulated over a long period of time, staying in the now will allow you to examine what stressors are currently in your life and how to navigate away from them.


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