Sunday 31 March 2019

Coca cola is launching its own energy drink.

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In 2019, it seems just about every conceivable product is on the market .

Considering this, it's kind of surprising that a Coca-Cola energy drink doesn't already exist, but don't worry, as of next month it will.
The creatively named, Coca-Cola Energy, will feature our old friend caffeine, guarana extracts and B vitamins, while allegedly retaining that trademark Coca-Cola taste. But it's bad news for taurine fans, because there's none of the widely used acid in this energy drink. 

The sugary version of the drink will contain 26g of the white stuff, which is the same as in a regular can of Coke, while there's 80mg of caffeine per can, which is about the same as what you get from a can of Red Bull.
The drink will also be sold in 250ml cans, like Red Bull - cos it's not a good idea to have energy drinks by the bucket load.
Jon Woods, General Manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, said the introduction of the new drink was all about choice.
He said: "Our strategy is to offer people a wide range of drinks to meet different lifestyles and occasions and Coca-Cola Energy is the latest example of that.
"We're launching Coca-Cola Energy with and without sugar and we'll continue to expand and diversify our range of products to offer British consumers a wider choice of drinks."
The new beverage is being aimed at 18 to 35 year olds, basically because they're the people who are most partial to the tipples, often with a cigarette or mixed with J√§germeister. Whereas proper grown ups get their pick me up from coffee and their tipsiness from wine. 

Javier Meza, Global Chief Marketing Officer of the Coca-Cola's sparkling beverages, said the drink was 'designed to complement upbeat and busy lives'.
He said: "Coca-Cola Energy includes ingredients from naturally-derived sources and a delicious and refreshing taste of Coca-Cola.
"We kept these two qualities at the heart of how we developed the recipe and are proud to offer it under the Coca-Cola brand, inviting people to try a new and different energy drink that is designed to complement upbeat and busy lives."
In my experience, energy drinks generally complement 'sleep-deprived and short' lives, but hey, we didn't expect the chief marketing officer to say that did we?

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