Monday 11 February 2019

Brother of Bezos’ mistress reportedly leaked racy texts to National Enquirer.

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The person who gave the National Enquirer Jeff Bezos’ steamy sexts was the brother of the Amazon billionaire’s mistress, a report said Sunday.
It was not known how Lauren Sanchez’s sibling, Michael, obtained the racy messages, but multiple sources told The Daily Beast that he was the one who supplied them.
Michael Sanchez allegedly thought the tabloid’s January report revealing Bezos and Lauren’s affair had been encouraged by Republican operatives, according to documents obtained by the Beast.
The brother also believed the Enquirer had gone after the story about Bezos with “President Trump’s knowledge and appreciation,” the Beast said, citing documents it reviewed.
Michael has been suspected of leaking the intimate texts between the Amazon founder and Lauren since shortly after Bezos publicly accused the Enquirer’s parent company, American Media Inc., of threatening to reveal salacious images of the illicit couple unless he dropped his investigation into how the tabloid obtained the private texts.
The brother was also interviewed by Gavin de Becker, the security consultant whom Bezos had enlisted for his private investigation into the Enquirer.
Sources confirmed to The Post on Sunday that the probe is now over but wouldn’t say whether Michael was the person who supplied the messages.
“There are Trumpians in Michael’s orbit and at least one of these people was told about the affair in September 2018,” a source told The Post.
No sources who spoke to the Beast implied Michael hacked his sister’s phone, a criminal offense, the news site said. Multiple insiders said there was no evidence to support this theory.

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