Wednesday 27 February 2019

At least 20 people killed in fire at train station in Egypt .

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At least 20 people have been killed and 40 people have been injured in a fire at a railway
station in Cairo, according to state media.
The head of Cairo Railroad hospital, Mohammed Said, who previously confirmed 10 deaths said the number of dead at the main station in the Egyptian capital was expected to rise.
The fire is said to have been triggered by an exploding fuel tank on a speeding train travelling into Ramses station.
Rising plumes of black smoke could been seen above the city as the blaze broke out.
According to the Al-Ahram newspaper, the train crashed and the fuel tank exploded, sparking the fire. However, those details are yet to be confirmed.

A witness said there was a blast after a train rammed into a barrier at the station. He also said he saw charred bodies on the ground.
Mina Ghaly said: "I was standing on the platform and I saw the train speed into the barrier.

"Everyone started running but a lot of people died after the locomotive exploded.
"I saw at least nine corpses lying on the ground, charred."

Sky News.

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