Thursday 28 February 2019


The Fillit Pocket adds a tiny bit of extra functionality to your state-of-the-art laptop.
It gives it a backpack of sorts to carry things like pens, pen-drives, power banks, or even hard disks. The Fillit pocket sticks to your laptop’s lid using repositionable glue (which means it can also be easily removed) and gives it a 7 x 3.5 inch pocket to store pretty much anything you want. A mouse, a stylus, a pair of airpods, anything you may need to carry around separately.
The Fillit Pocket helps bring convenience to your life if you’re the laptop-using kind. It gives your items a dedicated space, turns an empty patch of estate on your laptop’s lid into a useful pocket, and even allows you to have all your items attached to your work-machine all the time, even on the go!
Designer: Fillit Pocket
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