Friday 4 January 2019

WTF? Couple’s Audi stolen from police depot hours after it was stolen from their drive.

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Police have apologised to a couple whose £40,000 car was stolen twice in the same day. Phil Chambers, 30, and fiancée Charlotte Gill, 28, feared for their lives after armed robbers broke into their home and demanded the keys to the Audi RS3 on their drive. The pair complied before calling the police, who then rang back at 8.30am later that day to say that the car had been found abandoned and undamaged.

But after assuring Mr Chambers that the vehicle had been taken into a secure compound, they were later forced to admit the vehicle had been stolen once again by the same gang. The thieves had ditched the Audi when they ran out of fuel but later smashed down the gates of the police yard with a can of petrol to get it going once more.

They then sped off in the car and are still being hunted by police. ‘He was obviously embarrassed and very apologetic,’ Mr Chambers said of the chief inspector who told him the bad news just hours after confirming the Audi had been found. ‘I told him “This has turned into a bloody joke hasn’t it?” The poor bloke didn’t know what to say.
‘Basically these blaggers had gone to the recovery yard and nicked my car at the second attempt from under police noses. ‘To add insult to injury there were Christmas presents in the boot which they nicked as well.’

The businessman told The Sun that he and Miss Gill had been left terrified after the knife-wielding gang first burst into their Coventry home. His fiancee said that she had ‘never been so scared’ during the attack in the middle of the night. ‘They were yelling “Where are the keys?” and shouted they would “f*****g stab us” if I didn’t hurry,’ Mr Chambers said. ‘Charlotte was cowering in bed holding on to our dog Snoopy. We were in no doubt they’d have used the knife.’


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