Tuesday 29 January 2019

Riots will hit streets after Brexit and UK will be ‘unstable’ for years, EU report warns.

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A secret EU report has painted a grim and worrying picture of life in Britain after Brexit – with violence on the street and ‘instability’ for decades. The report by intelligence officials also claims that there will be independence referendums in Scotland and Northern Ireland within 18 months of Brexit. The report, by senior intelligence officials, also warned there may be violence in the event of ‘no deal’ or a second referendum.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the Civil Service is looking at the possible imposition of martial law after a no-deal Brexit. An EU source told the the Daily Mirror: ‘Analysis of the threat levels in Britain is being shared at the top of the EU as we formulate policy for the years ahead.

‘The assessment is that violence is almost inevitable no matter what.‘They are worried that if the current deal goes through the right-wing will kick off. If there’s no deal everybody will object and kick off. If there’s a second referendum, the right will kick off. ‘The right kicking off is causing most concern.
Last week, hundreds of protesters have warned Theresa May that a hard Irish border risks destroying Northern Ireland’s hard-won peace. A mock checkpoint manned by actors dressed as soldiers and customs officers was constructed close to the frontier in Co Down on Saturday.

Demonstrator Tom Murray, from Co Donegal, said it is Prime Minister Mrs May’s responsibility to sort out the issue. He said: ‘Ireland will not be made to suffer the folly of the Tory party. ‘We are the ones who will be suffering for the mistakes made in Westminster. ‘We will not accept this border, we demand that London sort out the problem that they created.’

It is more than 20 years since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement which largely ended decades of violence.

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