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5 Ways to Neutralize Negative Karma

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Karma is a complex and often misunderstood concept. In basic terms karma is the law of cause and effect. Every thought and every action is a cause which produces an effect. We often try to simplify karma as an eye for an eye. For example you poke someone, you get poked back. However, the concept of karma is far more complex. Karma is energetic balancing. Karma exists for both individuals and groups. Every thought, every action creates energy which sends out a ripple through time and space. The energy, both positive and negative, returns and must be consumed to stay in balance. By being aware of the law of cause and effect to an extent we can consciously manage karma in our lives. The following strategies can be used to help manage karma and clear our karmic debts as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Even though we cannot control the karmic events, we can control our reactions to them. By choosing love and recognizing the karmic laws at play, we can distance ourselves from an event, by not measuring it as good or bad or judging ourselves, but seeing it for what it is, a circumstance in life. Recognize the events for what they are and choose to rise above the circumstances, rather than allowing them to drag you down. Karma must not be used as an excuse for an unfulfilled life. Free will gives us the ability to choose our reaction to even the most difficult of circumstances. The more we focus on love and service, the more we distance ourselves from the events and circumstances. This way the events and circumstances have less effect on our being, our attitude and our perspective on life.

Build up the positive side of your karmic bank account by being of service. Envision karma as a bank account of debits and credits that balance out. If we are incurring debits for some negative karma, it makes sense that we want to create as many positive credits into our bank account as we can to offset those debits. In fact, we may even want to think of it as creating a positive savings account of good karma to use when needed. We can accrue positive credits by creating good karma through service, tithing and generally giving of ourselves. The karmic lessons must still be learned and the karmic debt must still be cleared. However, offsetting the debt with positive karma can help smooth the ride.

Find your connection with your higher being – God, Goddess, Source, Universe - and pray for guidance. Prayer and time spent in solitude can help us to connect clearly with a higher consciousness. You can ask for assistance in learning the karmic lesson and in clearing the karma in the most compassionate way. Following the guidance you receive will help you to clear the karma as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Prayer also provides a sense of peace in the midst of the storm. Prayer pulls you up, above the drama. Because of this prayer can help you glide through the rocky sections as you clear the karma. Trust that you are divinely protected through your prayers and that divine intervention as at work as you process your karma.

Be Aware
Be conscious of your actions, words and thoughts. Do your very best not to create new negative karma. Remember our bank account analogy? Try to create as many positive deposits as possible. Set your daily intention to have any good karma you create be deposited directly into your karmic bank for future use. Every action, no matter how small, is a cause with an associated effect. Focus on doing no harm. That is not always easy. Remember even your unspoken thoughts create a karmic ripple of cause and effect. Sometimes there are hard choices with no obvious answer. Carefully consider your options and make the best choice you can. Make a conscious effort every day to keep your deposits on the positive side.

Maintain a Clean Energy Field
Through self-healing or by working with energy professional such as a trained Reiki Healer or Pranic Healer, maintain a clean energy field. Sever any ties to old agreements and contracts that no longer serve you. Sever cords to any negative energy that is draining you. Make sure your energetic field is free of debris and attachments that can drag you down. Clear out your chakras and energy system regularly to ensure you are energetically operating in tip top shape. This will help you to maintain a higher energetic vibration and allow you to process karma faster and easier. It also will make it easier to create more positive karmic deposits into your karmic bank account.

Dawn Demers is a Strategic Coach, Change Master and speaker. Dawn’s training includes Pranic Healing, Reiki and other healing modalities in addition to traditional bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in business and psychology

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