Monday 3 December 2018

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Sharing is caring, especially when you share you actually get something back in return, right?

We want OhMyDosh to become a household name and ultimately take over the world (but not in creepy A.I iRobot kinda way). The best way for us to get the OhMyDosh gospel out there for the world to hear is with you, our superfantasticalawesome users.

Below, you’ll find a tracking link. This tracking link is specific for to you, it is totally unique and perfect in every way, like a snowflake. This link is there for you to share however you feel like doing it.

“Why should I share OhMyDosh!? What’s in it for me?” We hear you cry. Invite your friends to join OhMyDosh and you’ll earn an additional £5 for each friend that reaches £10. The more friends you refer, the more you earn!

Not only will you earn, but every friend you refer will receive a cheeky little £1 welcome bonus in their account too, so that's big friend points right there for you!

Stuck for ideas on how to share OhMyDosh fear not my friend, here are some handy ideas and tips which you can thank us for later. Seriously, please do thank us, it makes us happy to hear from you.

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