Friday 21 December 2018

Michelle Obama 'breaks the Internet' with her £3000 thigh-high Balenciaga boots.

Michelle Obama gave off major superhero vibes yesterday in thigh-high, glitter boots by Balenciaga, and social media users were blown away.
The former First Lady, 54, was interviewed by Sarah Jessica Parker, 53, at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, as the last leg of her book tour for her memoir, ‘Becoming’.
She pulled off the incredible metallic gold boots – which are available for £3,082 on the Matches Fashion website – like no other – thanks to a combination of enviable sass and her five foot 11 inch height (the latter of which made her tower over her petite five foot three inch interviewer).

The look was described as ‘jaw dropping’ by some, with others coveting the boots for themselves.

Addressing her bold fashion choice, Michelle told Sarah she was taking advantage of being out of the White House.
“Now, I’m free to do whatever. They were just really cute. I was like, ‘Those some nice boots!’”
While Michelle’s boots choice was widely applauded yesterday, she was criticised yesterday by Piers Morgan yesterday for allegedly taking a swipe at Melania Trump.


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