Thursday 31 May 2018

Zidane steps down as Real Madrid coach.

Zidane gives his reasons for Real Madrid departure

As controversy  rocks Zinedine Zidane’s decision to resign as the club’s coach, and the Frenchman has given his reasons for his surprise departure.
A hastily arranged press conference occurred on Thursday afternoon where the club’s second most successful coach made clear his intention to depart.

.”After three years, I think it’s time to leave, it’s difficult to continue coaching after that length of time,” he explained to the gathered media.”I didn’t see clearly that we’re going to continue winning definitely.”There comes a moment when you believe that it’s better to make a change, so as not to stay too long and make mistakes.”
Many are even suggesting another job is in his sights, because of how recently he claimed he was staying, but the Frenchman shut down that speculation
“I’m not looking for another team, nothing has changed for me, it’s just a natural decision,” he detailed.”When I said in February that I wasn’t thinking about leaving, I said it with sincerity.”I said that in this club, things can end in the matter of moments, it’s been three years and my time here is over, there are difficult moments within seasons and they make you think.”
The 45-year-old maintains no  conflicts have influenced his own decision to leave.
“No, not at all, these matters don’t have anything to do with it,” he intimated.”The players need a change, there comes a time when you can’t ask your players to give you any more.”They need to hear a new voice, they know my decision and I will talk to the captains about it from here, I’ve already spoken with Sergio Ramos.”

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