Sunday 21 January 2018

Mother charges 5 year old rent!

Mother charges five-year-old daughter rent 'to teach her about the real world'

A mother has revealed that she charges her daughter rent despite the fact that she’s just five years old. Essence Evans wrote on Facebook that she gives her $7 every week as part of an allowance. She then breaks down what she owes her for rent, water, electricity, TV and food meaning she has to give $5 back to her, leaving her with $2 to spend as she pleases. This may sound a little bit harsh, but Essence says there is method to her madness. She is actually saving the $5 rent so that when she’s older and decides to move out she will have a handy sum of cash to pay her deposit.

Essence wrote on Facebook: ‘This strategy not only prepares your child for the real world, but when they see how much real bills are they will appreciate you for giving them a huge discount’ Her way of teaching her daughter about the value of money has divided opinion with some saying it is a great idea while others have said her daughter’s too young. Jeremy Truax said: ‘Or you could invest in a mural fund which has been getting an average of 12% and by the time she’s 18 compound interest would have taken over and tripled that.’ But Tia Kaulana said: ‘Wow, what a moron. Let your kid be a kid and enjoy their youth before they have to spend the rest of their life worry about bills. I wouldn’t share this story with anybody becuase you’re a horrible parent.’

Chelsea Jamison said: ‘I get this I really do but I will not make my son pay to live where he belongs to be. That’s just wrong in my opinion but once he turns 16 I will make him get a job to pay for his own gas and insurance for his car.’ Peggy Hetrick told her: ‘I like that idea! Or make them pay for a hair cut once in a while, etc. Talk to your kids more! Explain the ways of the world. Sort of speak, little by little; when it’s approperiate! And dont always give into their wims and explain why you say or do something! And always let them you know you love them and will be there for them!’

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