Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Always Work

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“Think positive and everything will work out” is a common phrase that is often heard. However, positive thinking alone isn’t beneficial if we aren’t in tune with our egoic thought patterns. The truth is without our ego it would be impossible to live out our human experience. However, what’s also true is that when left unchecked, it can lead us down an unpleasant path.
So how is the ego recognized? It’s the loud, negative mind chatter in our head. It keeps us playing the victim and standing on the sidelines rather than playing life full out. Because it’s so persistent, it’s impossible to slap positive thinking over it and pretend it doesn’t exist. It doesn't work. This is like asking someone who breaks a leg to walk without taking the time to heal the wound. The same applies to our mind. It is essential that we heal our wounded ego.
The following are three powerful steps to embrace and heal the ego so that we can step into the driver’s seat of our life.

Want Change More Than Anything Else
When we desire change more than anything else, we are willing to experience the discomfort that is required to make it happen. The truth is creating any kind of change can feel uncomfortable and this includes having the willingness to look at the ego head on. Facing the truth of what our mind is telling us offers us an invitation to move out of the comfort of our ego’s stories. But the miracle is that when we face the truth, we make space to create a new truth - a truth that is more empowering and one that is more in alignment to who we really are. No matter how challenging it may feel, it’s important to know that these limited ways of thinking can indeed be transmuted.

Forgive The Ego
When noticing the ego’s thought patterns, repeat this affirmation. “I see you. I hear you. I forgive you. I release you.” This simple phrase can create powerful shifts. It’s important to continuously forgiving the ego for sending us these messages. Know that it is doing the only thing it knows how to do. Accepting, embracing and loving these messages rather than denying them, making them wrong and criticizing is crucial. It means fully owning all of what is arising in the mind in every moment. Forgiveness opens the doorway to conscious choice.

Love the Ego
Loving the ego means accepting it for all that it is. Treating it with respect, nurturing it, listening to it and questioning it are powerful ways to show love for it. The more we engage with it and honor it the more the voice of our truth has room to come forward and guide us. The voice of our truth will naturally send us affirmations that will uplift, inspire and encourage us on our path. We won’t need to force or make up affirmations in our mind in order to feel good. We will already feel good from embracing and loving our “negative” mind.

Where the Real Miracles Happen
Committing to these steps opens the doorway to expanding our intuition. Affirming “positive” thoughts must come natural and works best when we are already in alignment with knowing that we are enough not when we are striving to get to a place of feeling like we are enough. The way to reach this place of alignment is to love and embrace all of who we are, especially the parts of us that are hiding and most resist looking at. That is the sweet spot and where the real miracles happen.

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