Thursday, 20 July 2017

Redefine Your Self-Worth


Some of us need more self-esteem after a rough week, year, or day. Abuse, rejection, and bullying over the years put us in a box—this is hard to get out of. A majority of issues start in childhood where the seeds of rejection are planted. All can equate to low-self esteem, and a feeling of unworthiness. We will look at what we can do for a boost in self-esteem, and self-worth. The time is now to take action

Stop Comparing
Stop comparing yourself to others. If you want self-pity, and desire to feel bad quick—do this. Focus strengths and talents that are only yours. Everyone has their own strengths, and weaknesses. Look at the positives in your life.

Find Purpose
Find purpose in your life. What are your passions, goals, or how do you want to help others? Answering these questions is important in understanding direction. If you need help reach out to people you trust, and ask for guidance. People can see our positives better than we can.

Don’t allow life to be a competition as living like this will sap you of all confidence, and wreck your health. We feel depleted and depressed and want to withdrawal from others when we compete with ourselves and others.

Self affirmation is a key to power. Psychology Today suggested to stop bashing ourselves. "I refuse to be so mean to myself. I am merely different from ____. I have my own unique value." And if you are in the superior mode you can add, "And they have their own unique value too."

What are the triggers to low self esteem? This can be thoughts, old wounds or self-personalizing fears. Knowing what the triggers will help you take control of life, and will grow self-worth. Once we catch these we can correct.

Remain Inspired
Read self-help books and inspiring sermons to keep you going. This will help you remain focused, and uplifted during bouts of sadness. Adding color to the environment will help brighten the mood. Protect your inner sanctuary.

Be Yourself
Be yourself. Do something you love doing today. Take a walk-- go for a drive in the country. Take the mask off, and enjoy being you. On the way be grateful, thankful for the blessings in life. The small, and the big!

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