Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Fattest stray cat in the UK

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Is this the UK's fattest stray cat?
Mitzi weighs an astonishing eight kilos, despite living on the streets.

The fat cat has become an internet sensation since a picture of her was put up by  Woodside Animal Welfare Trust – the image has since been shared hundreds of times and attracted over 1,000 comments.Thankfully, she has already been reserved by a new owner and will soon be off to her new home along with a slimming plan.
Mitzi, whose microchip details say she is around seven-years-old, is suspected to have been a stray living around a student area of Plymouth.
Assistant manager Lisa Darcy suspects she had a number of addresses she would visit to get her regular snacks, the Plymouth Herald reports .
Weighing in at a whopping eight kilograms, she'll need to have a healthy diet and exercise plan implemented when she goes to her new home, but for now, she is free to roam the hallways at Woodside to stretch her legs and get some exercise.
Although Mitzi has been microchipped, the details are out of date and despite trying to find her true owner for weeks, nothing has materialised.

"Mitzi is humongous – it's an unlikely scenario that she is a stray and otherwise in good health," said Lisa.
"We suspect people felt sorry for her being a stray and fed her, hence the size she is – she's almost double what she should be in weight.
"She is a very chilled girl and as a result of putting her picture on Facebook she has already been reserved.
"We think she may have belonged to students who have left.
the Daily Mirror

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