Saturday, 15 April 2017

Married couple told they are biological twins while visiting IVF clinic after struggling to conceive!

                      The couple (not pictured) had no idea they were related

The doctor says he continued to insist that the pair were twins and had DNA evidence to back it up, after which the wife "pleaded" with him to admit he was joking.
"I wish that I was, but they had to know the truth," he told the Mississippi Herald.
After talking it through with the man and woman, who were trying to process the news, the doctor was able to establish how this had all happened.
The couple had met during college and instantly hit it off, partly down to having such a similar background - the fact they were both adopted after their parents had died.

In truth, their biological parents had died in a car crash when the couple were infants. With no family willing to adopt them, they were put into the care of the state and adopted out into separate families.
But neither of their new families were told that the child had a twin.

What next? According to the doctor, the husband and wife are now considering their future together.

He says he's glad he wasn't able to help them conceive in this case.

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