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7 Signs You Might be an Earth Angel

Angel in Sky

Some people call them Earth angels, others refer to them as miracle workers. Are you one of them? 

Are You an Angel?
The term ‘angel’ has definitely evolved over the years. The Webster definition defines the word ‘angel’ as a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe. Yet, there is no doubt that at some point during your existence you thought that someone was a God send in your life – whether that be a friend, family member or just casual encounter. Now think about your actions towards others and how those occurrences effect the people you around you on a daily basis. Do you often find yourself proactively responding to troubles that others are enduring? Or perhaps you position your actions in a way that inadvertently helps others around you.
You’d be a fool not to believe that God places people in our lives for a sincere reason. Oftentimes we subconsciously take these people for granted because their sincerity and positivity is invaluable – and in many ways becomes expected instead of being surprisingly appreciated. God understands the dynamics of everyone’s individual make-up; therefore, he chooses to have paths cross and introduces people in order create a greater sense of community. He understands who needs it and who doesn’t. Has anyone ever told you that you impacted their life in a positive way? Or maybe they’ve expressed gratitude for your good will? While you may not have visible wings and a halo, you could be the message from God in a different dynamic – a real life angel.

You Think About Others
Have you ever looked back at the car behind you, while you were waiting in the Starbucks drive-thru, and thought, “Man, that person looks like they’re having a rough day?” What were your next actions? Did you pay for their coffee without the need for a thank you? Or maybe you were in line at Target and you saw a mother with her kids and she just look absolutely exhausted. Did you tell her she looked beautiful and that she was without a doubt a superhero? If you answered yes, to either of those questions, then you’re an angel. Being an angel means that you are a sincere human being. Not only do you think about those in your life that you consider your inner circle, but you extend that genuineness to others outside of the circle as well – to random strangers that need to be touched by an angel.
In many cases people believe that angels only impact those facing a death defying event in their life; however, that is not true. Angels are everywhere, at all times, no matter what. Instead of impacting lives only when someone’s life is at stake, an angel continuously inspires those around them.

You’re a Humanitarian
Often times human beings take each other for granted. They assume that everyone understands the dynamics of life and how those elements effect every one. The reality is that not every individual considers others. Not everyone takes into account that people go through challenging times. However, an angel understands all of the above and is proactive in their actions – instead of just sitting back and criticizing the world around them, an angel is active and finds alternatives to the adversities that trouble others.
Have you ever seen someone standing on the corner, asking for money and thought to yourself, “I hope that I never have to endure challenging times like that?” What was your next course of action? Did you drive off? Did you give the person in need a few dollars? Or did you take further action? An angel would reflect and figure out how they could be a life changing force in this person’s life. Not only would an angel communicate with this person, but they would exemplify true compassion to this individual’s current state. You don’t have to have money to make a difference, the reality is that you only have to possess an angelic heart.

You Communicate With the Lord
Angels respect and answer to their God. Not only do they communicate with their God on a daily basis, but they also live their life with a higher statue – this means they get advice from God and allow their own bodies to carry out their God’s work. In many cases people only communicate to their God when they’re facing a time of need; however, it’s important to be aware of God’s presence all of the time. An angel understands this and makes it a priority to talk with their God about everything going on in their life. Their overall communication goes beyond a daily prayer, their talks are daily conversations that aid in building their character and outlook on life. It’s only through constant interaction that an individual truly understands the importance of faith and how it can change lives – angels completely understand this concept because it’s engrained in their daily happenings.

You Appreciate Life
When I say appreciate, I do not simply mean that you are happy that you are live and are thankful for the blessings God has given you. To be an angel, you must appreciate life on a larger scope and a bigger scale. Angels realize how precious life truly is – and not only when the tough times are in place, but rather every day. If you find yourself living each life like it’s your last and truly carrying out every day with positivity and hope, then you’re an angel. Through appreciation for life, an angel exudes a contagious love for life and the world around them – this is exhibited through their everyday actions that are verbal and nonverbal. Angels show others the greatness that is possible through life and inadvertently bring out the best in everyone else. Through appreciation an angel identifies what can be achieved with a good attitude and hard work.

Your Good Reputation Proceeds You
Do your friends and family tell others about how awesome you are? Have you ever met someone that you’ve never met before, but they knew you? And then that stranger talked about the great things they heard about you? If you answered yes to those questions, then it’s safe to say that you’re an angel. Angels have the ability to touch people on multiple levels – not only do their interactions change lives, but they give others hope and reinstate humanity within an individual. If your good will has resulted in a good reputation, then you’ve cultivated your existence into that of an angel. There may have been time when you had to execute ‘tough love’; however, those actions only reveal to others your devotion and willingness to never truly stand down. It’s not about how many people you touch, instead it’s about the impact you make as a whole – and if your reputation is good, then you thoroughly understand that.

You’re Honest No Matter What
Being honest is a lot harder than it sounds. If you ever had to tell the truth to a dear friend or family member, then you understand exactly what I’m saying. An angel can never lie to others. While telling the truth is a difficult pill to swallow, angels understand the repercussions of a lie. However, as difficult as it may be angels know how to convey the truth to people depending on the dynamics of the individual they’re helping. Even though a direct approach could be effective for one person, a softer approach may be required for another – angels understand this and have the ability to re-structure their approach with ease. It’s important to always be honest with the people around you. Not only will people respect your honesty, but they’ll also be comfortable coming to you when they’re in a time of need and they have nowhere else to go.

Are You an Angel?
Being an angel takes a great deal of patience, perseverance and will power. An angel must understand how being shut down isn’t the end and can be another pathway to travel. We are all children of God. We should carry out the actions he puts into place by using our gifts and talents to benefit others around us. The world would be a much better place if it had more angels.

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