Wednesday, 12 April 2017

6 Reasons Life Is Passing You By

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Tomorrow is not promised...enjoy today!
Are you getting the most out of life? It comes and goes in a flash. Here are six habits that may be keeping you from living it to the fullest.
Stop giving your life away through constantly pleasing others. Agreeing to commitments you’re not truly interested in steals precious time away from doing things you actually enjoy. Be vigilant in guarding your time and don’t be afraid to say no.

Building up strife in your heart interrupts the flow of joy. Forgive, forget and let go of any bitterness keeping you from maximizing the here and now.
Trying to keep up with The Jones’ will always cause trouble. Comparing your life with others creates an unthankful heart. Celebrate and show genuine happiness for others. It will only open more doors for blessings.

Chasing Money
Never being satisfied financially will cause you to take jobs that never feed your soul. It’s okay to have ambition, but when making more and more money is all you live for…it makes for a terrible life coach.
Consumed With Work
Working late hours consistently, zaps time away from family, friends and restful rejuvenation. Learn to turn work off and turn rest on for a healthy work-life balance.

Not Savoring The Small Things
Soaking in small pleasures are little blessing we miss out on when we’re too busy. Let enhancing quality of life mean more than quantity. In the end, these will be the moments that matter most.

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