Saturday, 25 March 2017

Big Boys and their toys!

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President Trump has welcomed the American Trucking Association on the lawn of the White House, possibly to fulfil his childhood dream of driving a big ol’ truck.

In a collection of pictures that would be funny if it were not real life, the President gets into the driving seat of a large lorry and proceeds to make funny ‘I’m driving!’ faces while pretending to drive the truck and toot the horn, just like your 5-year-old does when you let him sit at the wheel of your car.
Trump has been welcomed by the truckers of the United States, who label themselves the ‘backbone of the nation’s economy.’

Trump pretended to drive a truck at the White House and people are being brutal

As usual Twitter has gone into overdrive to mock the Presidents latest gaffe prompting a number of memes such as this:

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