Monday, 31 October 2016

Poem of the Day

When Oil Spills

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An explosion
a rupture
....oil spills

Like the Rivers Of Hades

the black sludge spreads forth

consuming all in its path.

Our marine animal friends

are smothered and die, 

even birds

can't lift their oil-clogged


and fly away.

Our once golden beaches

become black murky bogs

reeking of death and destruction
inaccessible to everyone.

Fishermen have had to

hang up their nets

and hope and pray
the waters will become

clear again

and they can

push out their boats

and fish again.

And when oil spills

who do we have to blame? 

The company that drills

the earth

to suck out the oil? 


for our our insatiable
greed and consumption
of natural resources
that can't be replenished. 

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